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Infórmese sobre el Uso Seguro de las Radiaciones Ionizantes en Medicina

Información para ayudar a los profesionales de la salud a utilizar con mayor seguridad la radiación en medicina para beneficio de los pacientes

Publicaciones recientes

CAI B, ALTMAN MB, GARCIA-RAMIREZ J, LABRASH J, GODDU SM, MUTIC S, PARIKH PJ, OLSEN JR, SAAD N, ZOBERI JE. Process improvement for the safe delivery of multidisciplinary-executed treatments--A case in Y-90 microspheres therapy. Brachytherapy 16(1) (Jan-Feb 2017) 236-44. Abstract »

CONNOR MJ, MARSHALL DC, MOISEENKO V, MOORE K, CERVINO L, ATWOOD T, SANGHVI P, MUNDT AJ, PAWLICKI T, RECHT A, HATTANGADI-GLUTH JA. Adverse Events Involving Radiation Oncology Medical Devices: Comprehensive Analysis of US Food and Drug Administration Data, 1991 to 2015. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 97 1 (Jan 2017) 18-26. Abstract »

BRUNSKILL K, NGUYEN TK, BOLDT RG, LOUIE AV, WARNER A, MARKS LB, PALMA DA. Does Peer Review of Radiation Plans Affect Clinical Care? A Systematic Review of the Literature. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 97 1 (Jan 2017) 27-34. Abstract »

PAUWELS R, JACOBS R, BOGAERTS R, BOSMANS H, PANMEKIATE S. Determination of size-specific exposure settings in dental cone-beam CT. Eur Radiol 27 1 (Jan 2017) 279-85. Abstract »

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