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Infórmese sobre el Uso Seguro de las Radiaciones Ionizantes en Medicina

Información para ayudar a los profesionales de la salud a utilizar con mayor seguridad la radiación en medicina para beneficio de los pacientes

Publicaciones recientes

TEIXEIRA FC, DE ALMEIDA CE, HUQ MS. Failure mode and effects analysis based risk profile assessment for stereotactic radiosurgery programs at three cancer centers in Brazil: Med. Phys. 43 1 (Jan 2016), 171. Abstract »

MATUSZAK M, HADLEY S, FENG M, HAYMAN J, BROCK K, BURGER P, OWEN D, SUERESH K, SCHIPPER M, LAWRENCE T, MORAN J. Enhancing safety and quality through pre-planning peer review for patients undergoing stereotactic body radiation therapy: Pract Radiat Oncol. (30 Dec 2015). Abstract »

LAFFONT S, ROLLAND Y, ARDISSON V, EDELINE J, PRACHT M, LE SOURD S, ROHOU T, LENOIR L, LEPAREUR N, GARIN E. Occupational radiation exposure of medical staff performing 90Y-loaded microsphere radioembolization: Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. (19 Dec 2015). Abstract »

WILLEGAIGNON J, BRAGA LF, SAPIENZA MT, COURA-FILHO GB, CARDONA MA, ALVES CE, GUTTERRES RF, BUCHPIGUEL CA. Diagnostic reference level: an important tool for reducing radiation doses in adult and pediatric nuclear medicine procedures in Brazil: Nucl Med Commun. (11 Dec 2015). Abstract »

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