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Infórmese sobre el Uso Seguro de las Radiaciones Ionizantes en Medicina

Información para ayudar a los profesionales de la salud a utilizar con mayor seguridad la radiación en medicina para beneficio de los pacientes

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ZEINALI-RAFSANJANI B, RASEKHI A, SAEEDI-MOGHADAM M, ZAREI F, JALLI R, SEFIDBAKHT S, PRISHDAD P. A useful gadget to reduce the radiation dose of interventionist’s hands, Health Phys 112 5 (May 2017) 494-497. Abstract »

YONDORF MZ, SCHWARTZ TH, BOOCKVAR JA, PANNULLO S, STIEG P, SABBAS A, PAVESE A, TRICHTER S, NEDIALKOVA L, PARASHAR B, NORI D, CHAO KS, WERNICKE AG. Radiation exposure and safety precautions following 131Cs brachytherapy in patients with brain tumors, Health Phys 112 4 (Apr 2017) 403-408. Abstract »

MIYAZAKI O, SAWAI H, YAMADA T, MUROTSUKI J, NISHIMURA G. Follow-Up Study on Fetal CT Radiation Dose in Japan: Validating the Decrease in Radiation Dose, AJR Am J Roentgenol 208 4 (Apr 2017) 862-867. Abstract »

MURYN JS, MORGAN AG, LIPTAK CL, DONG FF, SEGARS WP, PRIMAK AN, LI X. Analysis of uncertainties in Monte Carlo simulated organ and effective dose in chest CT: scanner- and scan-related factors, Phys Med Biol (21 Apr 2017). Abstract »

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