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IAEA-TECDOC/TRS No. Title Publications
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1735 The Information System on Occupational Exposure in Medicine, Industry and Research (ISEMIR): Interventional Cardiology English
1731 Implications for Occupational Radiation Protection of the New Dose Limit for the Lens of the Eye English
1710/S Programa nacional de Protección radiológica en las exposiciones médicas Spanish
1685/S Aplicación del método de la matriz de riesgo a la radioterapia Spanish
1670/S Análisis Probabilista de Seguridad de Tratamientos de Radioterapia con Acelerador Lineal Spanish
1667 Avoidance of Unnecessary Dose to Patients While Transitioning from Analogue to Digital Radiology English
1646 Establecimiento de Niveles Orientativos en Radiografía General y Mamografía Spanish
1641 Patient Dose Optimization in Fluoroscopically Guided Interventional Procedures English
1621 Dose Reduction in CT while Maintaining Diagnostic Confidence: A Feasibility/Demonstration Study English
1517 Quality control in mammography Spanish
1488 Radiological protection issues in the endovascular use of radiation sources English
1447 Optimization of the radiological protection of patients: Image quality and dose in mammography. Results of the Coordinated Research Project on Optimization of Protection in Mammography in some eastern European States English
1423 Optimization of the radiological protection of patients undergoing radiography, fluoroscopy and computer tomography. Final report of a coordinated research project in Africa, Asia and eastern Europe English
1274 Calibration of photo and beta ray sources used in brachytherapy English
1162 Generic procedures for assessment and response during a radiological emergency English
1009 Dosimetric and medical aspects of the radiological accident in Goiânia in 1987 English
 796 Radiation doses in diagnostic radiology and methods for dose reduction English

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