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Welcome to the Radiation Protection of Patients e-learning page!

These e-learning courses aim to assist Member States in building capacity in the field of radiation protection of patients.

The use of ionizing radiation in medicine undoubtedly benefits patients of diagnostic, interventional, and therapeutic procedures despite its potential for risk. At the 2012 “International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine: Setting the Scene for the Next Decade” in Bonn, Germany, the “Bonn Call for Action” was established to strike a balance between the benefits and the risks of using ionizing radiation in medicine. Designed to support the Bonn Call for Action, these e-learning courses provide valuable guidance and information for improving radiation protection and safety in medical facilities worldwide.

The Radiation Protection of Patients unit of the IAEA is putting continuous effort into developing useful educational and training resources for Member States on various topics regarding the safe uses of ionizing radiation in medicine. RPOP plans to develop additional e-learning courses to address important issues in the field of patient protection.

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  2. Confirm the email link received after your registration
  3. Once your IAEA Nucleus account is activated, click on http://elearning.iaea.org/m2/course/index.php?categoryid=75 and select one of the courses
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  5. After viewing the material, take the course quiz/quizzes. If you answer correctly at least 80%, you can obtain a certificate of completion.

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