The purpose of the IAEA Safety Glossary is to contribute towards the harmonization of terminology and usage in the safety related work of the Agency, particularly the development of safety standards.

The Safety Glossary includes terms with definitions as published in the IAEA safety standards, together with clarifications and explanations. It also includes, for information, definitions from IAEA codes of conduct, safety related conventions and other publications.

The Safety Glossary is intended primarily to provide guidance to the drafters and reviewers of such publications, including IAEA technical officers, consultants and members of Technical Committees, Advisory Groups and bodies for the endorsement of safety standards.

The Safety Glossary is also a useful source of information for other Agency staff and for external users of IAEA safety standards and other publications, and it has been made freely available on the IAEA web site.

The Safety Glossary has now been revised and updated in the light of changes in terminology and usage and extension of the coverage of the safety standards. The Secretariat had invited comment from users of the IAEA safety standards and safety related publications.

It is intended to publish a revised version of the Safety Glossary in English (Version 2.0) and subsequently to publish versions of the Safety Glossary in the other official languages of the IAEA (Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish and Russian).

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