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Under its Technical Cooperation programme, the IAEA organizes and encourages Member States to participate in Projects on the Radiological Protection of Patients and Protection in Medical Exposure. Several Member States have national projects while others participate in regional projects under various tasks.

The overall objective is to improve radiation protection of patients in compliance with requirements of the International Basic Safety Standards (GSR Part 3) through the following main goals:

  • To improve radiation protection of patients worldwide through justified and optimized use of ionizing radiation in medicine
  • To improve the medical practices using ionizing radiation with an emphasis on safety and development of up-to-date quality technologies;
  • To establish and put in place radiation protection programmes at the end-users level to deal with related issues;
  • To build capacity in operation and utilization of medical facilities by developing human and technical resources;
  • To improve the role of competent authorities in the implementation of proper medical exposure control.

Expected outcome:

  • To develop a practice of radiological procedures that are performed in a manner that is consistent with the requirements of the International Basic Safety Standards (BSS)
  • To establish and/or to improve the national or regional infrastructure in the area of radiation protection in medicine
  • To enhance the capacity of the Regulatory Bodies and Health Authorities in Member States for addressing the challenges of protecting patients from unnecessary radiation exposure, and for applying efficient mechanisms for regulatory support to justification and optimization of medical exposure
  • To develop patient dose management in CT, image guided interventional procedures, SPECT-CT, PET-CT and other imaging modalities
  • To help establish national diagnostic reference levels at clinically acceptable image quality and apply them for optimization of radiation protection of patients
  • To implement harmonized Referral Guidelines (RG) on a national level to provide guidance on appropriate procedures for different clinical conditions
  • To develop and implement education and training courses in the field of radiation protection in medicine to assist strengthening the human resources for current and future needs
  • To establish and/or enhance quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) programme in ionizing radiation medicine techniques



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