Patient Safety Awareness week

The United in Patient Safety campaign culminates each year in the Patient Safety Awareness Week, designed to mark a dedicated time and a platform to increase awareness about patient safety among health professionals and the public. This year, patient safety week is March 12-18, 2017.

The initiative is organized by the National Patient Safety Foundation of the USA. It is a non-profit organization, which works to bring together and engage health care professionals and patients to help spread this important message.

There are a number of ways to get involved in Patient Safety Awareness Week. You can join the discussion forum for health care professionals and stakeholders, share your own experiences and expertise, and learn about tips and resources from others. Your voice matters in helping to keep patients safe and free from harm.

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IAEA Supports Patient Safety Awareness Week

The IAEA contributes to raising awareness about patient safety among Member States, patients, carers, public and medical staff. As a response to this particular initiative, the IAEA has prepared a list of the useful education and information resources on radiation protection and patient safety.  This material is currently available on the RPOP website and the IAEA encourages the use of these resources by both, staff and patients.

Available education and information material for a free download and/or participation:

  For patients:

  1. Q&A about various procedures and related safety procedures 
  2. Radiology:    Information material about X ray procedures 

  For health professionals:

  1. Radiotherapy:
    E-learning course in Safety and Quality in Radiotherapy 
    Information material - Delivering Safe Radiotherapy is in your Hands 
  2. Radiology:
    Poster in building awareness in pregnancy before undergoing X ray or nuclear medicine procedure
    Posters for staff in fluoroscopy, CT, protection of children in interventional procedures
    E-learning course in Radiation Dose Management in CT
  3. Free online webinars with worldwide experts on various topics from radiation protection
  4. For decision makers:
    Information material capturing BSS requirements
    Information material about the IAEA work in the field of radiation protection of patients


Poster - Building awareness in pregnancy


CHECK, REVIEW AND REPORT: Delivering safe radiotherapy is in your hands
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