Radiotherapy in Cancer Care

An IAEA publication published this month — Radiotherapy in Cancer Care: Facing the Global Challenge — presents an overview of the major issues related to planning and implementing radiotherapy, including the IAEA’s support to global efforts to enhance cancer care.

There are many textbooks of radiation oncology and medical radiation physics, but the new book by IAEA experts fills a gap. “This publication is unique in that it provides a comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the role of radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer from a global perspective,” said Eduardo Zubizarreta, Head of IAEA Applied Radiation Biology and Radiotherapy Section, adding that it is a useful reference source for healthcare managers, clinical  and radiation oncologists, programme directors when decisions or policies are implemented to integrate radiotherapy for cancer care into their national, regional or global programmes.

The publication is featured at the second International Conference on Advances in Radiation Oncology (ICARO2), the IAEA’s conference discussing ways to improve access to radiotherapy and the importance of radiotherapy in the context of national cancer control strategies.


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