Radiation Risk Assessments and Risk Perceptions in Medical Imaging

During the first day of the IAEA General Conference 2017, 18 September, a side event was dedicated to discuss radiation risk assessment and perception. The IAEA and United Nations organizations (WHO, UNSCEAR) supported the event, attended by more than 60 participants.

The objective of the event was to provide a brief overview of the methodologies employed for assessing doses and associated risks from medical procedures.

The speakers and participants discussed also perception magnitude and significance of dangers linked to medical exposures. In today's application of radiation in medicine, an important role is played by risk communication to patients: a misleading risk perception might be an obstacle for making informed decisions about a medical procedure and could jeopardise the patients’ health.

Insights were given on the UNSCEAR activities of providing accurate and reliable data for medical uses of ionizing radiation.

Videos and presentations from the event are available at Human Health campus >>

Recordings of the presentations:
Mr Delis >>
Mr Shannoun >>
Ms Perez >>
Ms Gilley >>

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