Regional Training Course on Radiation Protection

The first IAEA training program in Russian language on radiation protection in fluoroscopy guided interventional procedures was held in Baku, Azerbaijan, from 4th to 6th of September 2017.  

15 participants took part in the program organized under the European regional TC project RER9135 on Strengthening Radiation Protection of Patients and Medical Exposure Control, and hosted by the National Center of Oncology in Baku. They were from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Montenegro, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, and Ukraine, all interventional surgeons or cardiologists who use fluoroscopy for guiding vascular and non-vascular minimally invasive interventional procedures

The program aimed to transfer the current knowledge and good practices for interventional specialists in the sub-region. For more than 70% of the participants this was the first time they attended a structured program on radiation protection. The knowledge on how to use fluoroscopy equipment properly to minimize patient and staff exposure was very limited at the beginning of the course, and it was significantly improved in result of the training.

The course consisted of lectures and interactive sessions on “Why, what, and how” for achieving staff and radiation patient safety with specific relevance to specialists performing fluoroscopy guided interventional procedures, and were further supported by the practical session in the fluoroscopy rooms of the National Center of Oncology. The participants learned how to use available fluoroscopy equipment in the best way to reduce exposure to patients and staff members without compromising medical outcome, how to monitor patient dose and in which cases they need to follow up patients at risk for skin injury.

The participants recommended similar programs to be provided in future at regional, sub-regional and national level.
There is an increasing use of fluoroscopy in different image guided interventional procedures. Specialists performing these procedures in most countries have no training in radiation protection. This creates situation of radiation risks for patients and staff.

The IAEA developed training material for these specialists which is available on IAEA website on radiation protection of patients for free download >>

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