Japan Nuclear Crisis

We have been receiving many emails regarding the issues connected with Japan’s nuclear event. Since there is a central point in the IAEA dealing with this issue, RPOP prefers to direct professional colleagues to the central point. Thanks for your understanding. A number of professional organizations and journals have quickly brought out statements and publications. RPOP team directs its readers to them, some of which are as follows:

IAEA: www.iaea.org

IAEA contact point: info@iaea.org

Incident & Emergency Centre, IAEA

Nuclear Safety & Security, IAEA: http://www-ns.iaea.org/

International Commission on Radiological Protection

United Nations Scientific Committee on Effects of Atomic Radiation: http://www.unscear.org/unscear/en/japan.html

World Health Organization: http://www.who.int/hac/crises/jpn/en/index.html

Publication in the journal Radiology: http://radiology.rsna.org/content/254/3/660.full

Editorial in Medical Physics: Reproduced here with permission of Medical Physics [Patient Safety & Radiological Emergencies]

Health Physics Society: http://www.hps.org/fukushima/

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