What is RELID

Retrospective Evaluation of Lens Injuries and Dose (RELID) has two components namely, evaluation of dose and evaluation of radiation injury.

The evaluation of radiation dose to the eye is not a straightforward issue. The current measurement techniques are not adequately developed and are not available for routine use so as to know radiation dose to the eye lens. Thus retrospective estimations become necessary. The Form for retrospective evaluation of dose needs to be filled by the staff to help estimate radiation dose. The participant is asked to provide information on number of years of work in interventional lab, use of protective screens and eye wears, work load with fluoroscopy time and cine details as well as other information pertaining to technique that may have bearing on the radiation dose to the eye lens. Based on this information, the radiation dose is estimated. Availability of personal monitoring badge data helps in correlation. The location of the staff in the interventional room is also taken into account.

The ophthalmologist tests the eyes and scores the posterior subcapsular opacities using Merriam-Focht scores. The scoring is 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 …. and it is done separately for each eye. The quantification of opacity score helps in comparison with the estimated radiation dose and establish correlation.

A number of eye testing exercises have been conducted since Sept. 2008.

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