CN192 International Conference on Radiation Protection in Medicine - Setting the Scene for the Next Decade

Bonn, Germany, 3-7 December 2012

535 participants representing 77 Member States and 16 organizations attended the Conference, which was held at the World Conference Center, Bonn (the former federal government Plenary Chamber). Contributed papers were distributed to participants on a USB stick as part of the Conference material, and the invited papers are presented below.

The Conference Proceedings are currently being prepared for publication, and can be pre-ordered.

Conclusions of the Conference – Bonn Call for Action - will be posted following finalization

Session 1 - Justification in the use of radiation in medicine

Roundtable 1 - Benefit/risk dialogue with patients and public

Session 2 - Radiation protection of patients in external beam radiotherapy

UNSCEAR breakout session – UNSCEAR’s surveys on medical exposures: How to assess global levels and trends, and interpret the risks New !

Session 3 - Radiation protection of patients and staff in diagnostic nuclear medicine and hybrid imaging

Roundtable 2 - Manufacturers’ role in medical radiation protection

Session 4 - Radiation protection of patients, staff and the public during therapeutic use of sealed and unsealed radioactive sources

EC breakout session –Revision of the EURATOM Basic Safety Standards and beyond New !

Session 5 - Radiation protection of patients and staff in interventional procedures

Roundtable 3 - Meeting radiation protection needs in healthcare settings with limited infrastructure

Session 6 - Radiation protection of patients in computed tomography

Session 7 - Radiation protection of patients in film-based and digital radiography, diagnostic fluoroscopy and mammography

Roundtable 4 - Goals for medical radiation protection in 2020

Session 8 - Radiation protection of patients and staff where procedures are performed outside radiology departments

Mobilizing for future effective work and conclusions

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