Prototype of the Smart Card/SmartRadTrack available now

We are happy to announce that we have now a prototype of the smart card for exposure and dose tracking. It will be possible to select few sites for trial. We need to assess interest at two levels. Firstly, those sites who have necessary infrastructure currently and are ready to try now and secondly, those who do not have necessary infrastructure currently but may have in near future.

What is contained in prototype?

The prototype will consist of a Radiation Exposure Monitoring (REM) Server capable of consuming information from 3 separate modalities, assistance with the installation and training by the company.  The software will be provided for 6 months at no cost to the institution.  During that time any bug fixes or upgrades will also be provided.

Each institution will be asked to complete a non-disclosure agreement with the company and a software evaluation agreement.

The company will work with each institution to acquire both the card readers and the requisite number of cards at a low cost to the institution.  These will be purchased by the institution and may retain them at the end of the prototype period.


  1. Facility should have PACS system connected at least to CT machines within the hospital, better to other hospitals as well. 
  2. Use of consistent patient ID for radiological examinations
  3. There should be web access from PACS
  4. Single Server which may be physical hardware or virtualized to host REM Server

One needs to check up with PACS administrator if there will be possibility to provide remote access.

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