IAEA Cataract study - List of Eye testing exercises conducted

No Place (City, Country) Dates Regional/National organization Links
1 Bogota, Colombia 25-26 Sept.2008 SOLACI1 RELID report Colombia [English], [Español]
2 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 17-19 April 2009 NAHM2 RELID report Malaysia
3 Montevideo, Uruguay 16-17 April 2009 SOLACI1 RELID report Uruguay [English], [Español]
4 Varna, Bulgaria 11-12 July 2009 NCRRP3 RELID report Bulgaria
5 Sofia, Bulgaria 13-15 July 2009 NCRRP3 RELID report Bulgaria
6 Bangkok, Thailand 23-24 December 2009   RELID report Thailand
7 Buenos Aires, Argentina 11-13 August 2010 SOLACI1 RELID report Argentina [English], [Español]
8 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 6-7 May 2011 NAHM2 RELID Malaysia

1SOLACI: Latin American Society on Interventional Cardiology

2 NHAM: National Heart Association of Malaysia

3NCRRP: National Centre of Radiation Biology and Radiation Protection

CIRAJ-BJELAC, O., REHANI, M.M., SIM, K.H., LIEW, H.B., VANO, E., KLEIMAN, N.J., Risk for radiation induced cataract for staff in interventional cardiology: Is there reason for concern? Catheter. Cardiovasc. Interv. 76 6 (Nov. 2010) 835. Abstract »

REHANI, M.M., VANO, E., CIRAJ-BJELAC, O., KLEIMAN, N.J., RADIATION AND CATARACT, Radiat. Prot. Dosimetry 147 1-2 (Sep. 2011) 300-304. Abstract »

VANO, E., KLEIMAN, N.J., DURAN, A., REHANI, M.M., ECHEVERRI, D., CABRERA, M., Radiation Cataract Risk in Interventional Cardiology Personnel. Radiat. Res. 174 4 (Oct. 2010) 490-495. Abstract »

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