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IAEA launches project to develop methodologies to track radiation exposure of patients for Radiation SmartCare

Although the scope of the Smart Card project that was initiated by the IAEA in 2006 was comprehensive, it tended to give a narrow impression and, thus, the new name Smart Card/SmartRadTrack has been adopted. It includes following possibilities:

  1. An electronic card that contains a patient’s information, including radiation exposure history.
  2. A card only as a digital signature to access the radiation exposure data that is actually available online. A patient-accessible website can serve as a ‘virtual’ card.
  3. The information about radiation exposure history is made available in e-health records in a manner that can help track individual patients’ exposure over time. With interoperability, it should provide the possibility of access from anywhere.
  4. In countries where neither an electronic card nor e-health record is feasible, a methodology to achieve information on tracking all radiological procedures, such as a radiation passport, somewhat like a vaccination card, could be initiated.

The project is aimed at:

  1. Developing methodologies to track radiation history, be it the number of radiological procedures and/or radiation dose as appropriate.
  2. Helping Member States establish policies and mechanisms for tracking indices of radiation exposure for diagnostic examinations and interventional procedures involving ionizing radiation to individual patients.
  3. Developing guidance where the number of procedures alone, rather than dose, are sufficient which, combined with generic radiation dose figures, can provide dose estimates.
  4. Providing information to strengthen the basic tenets of radiation protection, namely justification and optimization.
  5. Cooperating with bodies associated with manufacturers to aid in developing hardware and software for tracking of procedures and individual patients’ radiation dose indices.
  6. Promoting development of international standards for tracking radiological examinations and procedures across different countries.
  7. Making provisions in safety standards to require tracking of radiological examinations and procedures and to assess cumulative radiation dose to individual patients.

Please see the recommendations emerging from the recent meeting of Consultants held in Vienna on 25-27 Jan.2010.

Report of the Technical Meeting of the IAEA Smart Card/SmartRadTrack Project, 18-21 October 2010, VIC, Vienna, Austria

Joint Position Statement on the IAEA Patient Radiation Exposure Tracking

Report of the Technical Meeting of the IAEA Technical Meeting on Patient Radiation Exposure Tracking, 23-25 September 2013, VIC, Vienna, Austria

Technical Meeting on Tracking the Radiation Exposure of Patients, 28-30 April 2015, VIC, Vienna

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