Technical Meeting on Strengthening Safety Culture through the Use of Incident Learning Systems

The IAEA will host a Technical Meeting on Strengthening of Safety Culture in Radiotherapy through the Use of Incident Learning Systems at its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, from 10 to 13 October 2017.

Member States, International, Regional and National Organizations and SAFRON users will have an opportunity to evaluate and discuss the use of incident learning systems and how it can influence safety culture in radiotherapy.

The IAEA developed a voluntary safety reporting and learning system called SAFRON (‘Safety in Radiation Oncology’), intended to incorporate elements of sharing safety reports, safety analysis and learning, and prospective risk analysis, as well as linking with national and local reporting systems in order to make radiotherapy safety information more accessible. SAFRON was released for general use in December 2012 and has been expanded to include external beam and brachytherapy events, statistical analysis capabilities and recent capabilities to include prospective analysis, using retrospective reports of the SAFRON events.

If you are using SAFRON as your incident learning system and wish to share your experiences and participate in the meeting, please contact:

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