Conference on Radiological Protection in Healthcare

The Conference "Proteção Radiológica na Saúde” will be organized in September 2017 in Portugal. It will primarily gather Portuguese stakeholders but the international community of experts are welcome to join. Its main goal is to promote an insightful debate on the safety of patients, workers and members of the public and on the growing use of ionising radiation in the medical field.

The following main topics will be addressed:

  • Justification of medical exposures;
  • Optimization (DRLs, dose audits, QA&QC, among others);
  • External radiotherapy;
  • Brachytherapy;
  • Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (including theranostic applications);
  • Radiopharmacology and Radiopharmacy – impact in the patients, professionals and environment;
  • Interventional image-guided procedures (intervention cardiology, other interventional procedures);
  • Diagnostic radiology procedures (e.g. CT, CBCT, hybrid modalities, mammography/tomosynthesis, dental radiology);
  • Paediatric medical exposures;
  • Procedures performed outside the imaging service;
  • Radiation safety culture;
  • Education, training, qualification and certification in radiological protection;
  • Radiobiology and low doses of ionizing radiation: impact in the medical applications;
  • Imaging in pregnancy and foetal exposure;
  • Computational applications in radiological protection and dosimetry;
  • Methodologies and systems of dose assessment (patient and personnel);
  • Health effects from radon exposure.


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