Dental CBCT performance testing for physicists and technologists

The workshop, organised by IPEM’s Diagnostic Radiology Special Interest Group, will take place on 16 March in Manchester, UK. Currently there is a large number of dental CBCT units being installed in the UK.  For many physics departments, there is a lack of experience in how to do the acceptance and performance testing of these units and a lack of appropriate test objects or funding to purchase test objects.  

This teaching workshop will inform attendees of the clinical uses of the equipment to enable better understanding of what to test and how to optimise.  It will cover some radiation protection aspects including shielding and what training practitioner and operators will require.  However the main set of talks will cover how to test the units following latest guidence, and alternative testing methods if your department does not have a dental CBCT specific test object.

Learning Outcomes
1. Understanding of clinical applications
2. Understanding of radiation protection requirements
3. How to perform acceptance and routine physics testing with a range of typical test objects

Target Audience
1. Medical Physicists
2. Clinical Technologists

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