Regional Workshop on Patient Safety in Radiotherapy

The IAEA Regional Workshop on Patient Safety in Radiotherapy, under the TC project for Europe RER/9/135: Strengthening Radiation Protection of Patients and Medical Exposure Control, will take place on 12-16 June 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
While there is a broad agreement that radiotherapy is a very safe form of treatment, there is also recognition that safety measures need to be further progressed at several levels for this complex and rapidly developing medical specialty. It is mandatory that the expansion of radiotherapy services is done with safety in mind, considering the complexity of this high-technology treatment modality and the potential for serious consequences when something goes wrong.

What is the objective?
The objective of the workshop is to provide a platform for sharing good practices and experiences in delivering safe radiotherapy services, and managing unintended and accidental patient exposure in external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy. The workshop will advance participants knowledge of the critical aspects of radiotherapy safety learning and implementation and discuss methods for retrospective and prospective risk analysis in radiotherapy and improving safety culture. The final aim is to prepare realistic action plans for strengthening patient safety when delivering high quality radiotherapy services in participating Member States from the European region.

Who can participate?
The workshop is open to participants from TCEU Member States participating in the project RER/9/135 on Strengthening Radiation Protection of Patients and Medical Exposure Control.
The participant should be a qualified clinical medical physicist with a leading position in radiotherapy, able to prepare an action plan for improving patient safety, influence its implementation in the hospital, and spread the knowledge and experiences to other radiotherapy departments in the country. Candidates who are also involved in the clinical training of medical physicists and radiotherapy professionals will be given preference.

Nominations are only possible through the officially established channel, please consult your National Liaison Officer for more information.

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