Conference on Dose Management in Contemporary Radiological Practice

Conference on Dose Management in Contemporary Radiological Practice will be held on 4 October 2017 in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The Conference is organised by the Diagnostic Radiology Special Interest Group of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM).

Radiation doses to patients have been and remain of considerable interest in benchmarking radiological practice from both professional and regulatory viewpoints. Whilst RIS and PACS systems have long been considered essential to the day-to-day operation and work of radiology professionals, equivalent systems that effectively and efficiently handle, process and manage dose information are not similarly integrated into service ICT structures. Extracting reliable dose information and other key study and patient metrics is as a result time consuming, inefficient and prone to numerous sources of error. Time can be disproportionately spent on the process at the expense of using that information to improve the quality of imaging and of service to patients.

What is the aim of the course?
This meeting aims to bring together radiological professionals, medical physicists, PACS managers and industry specialists to share knowledge, experience and best practice in putting into place Dose Management - ‘the last piece of the Radiology jigsaw’.

The meeting comprises a mix of papers and parallel DMS supplier sessions where delegates can see and hear about DMS systems from the suppliers, including opportunities to have their questions answered.

What are the expected learning outcomes?
1. A detailed understanding of how Dose Management Systems enhance the effective use of dose information to assist with optimisation, and meeting dose audit and reporting requirements.
2. Knowledge and awareness of critical factors for procurement, integration and implementation of Dose Management Systems as part of the essential ICT infrastructure to support radiology professionals and their services.

Who is target audience?
1. Radiologists, cardiologists
2. Medical Physicists
3. Radiographers
4. PACS Managers / Radiology ICT specialists

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